March On Harrisburg Education Fund

March On Harrisburg Education Fund is a statewide, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization challenging the undue influence of well-financed special interests over Pennsylvania’s politics and government. March On Harrisburg Education Fund supports public education, research, and online and traditional grassroots organizing to amplify the message of money-in-politics corruption and increase civic participation.

March On Harrisburg Education Fund is a grassroots organization employing new and creative solutions to improve democracy. March On Harrisburg Education Fund produces digital content, utilizes social media platforms, and hosts events about the real-life effects of corruption to engage the public. March On Harrisburg Education Fund inspires people to become part of the movement and empowers them to enact meaningful and lasting change in their own communities through storytelling, community events, trainings, and solidarity work.

March On Harrisburg Education Fund believes that political power comes from real people organizing and educating about the real effects of corruption in their own communities and taking action together.

March On Harrisburg Education Fund receives funding from individuals and qualifying grants, and supports the work of our 501(c)(4) nonprofit partner March On Harrisburg Inc. to enact long-term, structural reforms. A list of donors may be obtained by sending a request to

Until the system is reformed, it will take big money to fight back against corruption. Your contribution empowers communities to take a stand for democracy reform.

To donate, either donate online, or mail a check to:

March On Harrisburg Education Fund

1715 Ellsworth St.

Philadelphia, PA 19146

If you are interested in making a donation, or if you would like more information, email

Please email to request and view the March On Harrisburg Education Fund’s governing documents, conflict of interest policy, and financial statements.